Since 2008 we have been participating in the futsal hobby league having great seasons. Starting from lowest group, made it up to the group A to stay for consecutive 6 years and finally we can shout out loud thatWE ARE CHAMPIONS!

Futsal Harraste-sarja Lohko A voittajat

We had a great futsal season where we had tough games against great teams and we managed to make 34 points in 14 games. We would like to congratulate all players who have been committed with the team from the beginning, especially to Dima (our goalkeeper) who was voted the Most Valuable Player of the season.

We also want to thank our coach Artur Nikitin who made us become a better & organised team on the pitch.

Thank you all for your effort, support and passion!

Vierasjoukkue ry

Trainings and games in Pirkkahalli


We want to invite everyone to Pirkkahalli to play and practice Futsal with us. We have about 2 shifts per week on Mondays and Wednesdays from 21.00 to 22.15 hrs until the end of March. On Mondays we will only play Futsal and on Wednesdays we will arrange some trainings session followed by playing as well.

The fee to join is 60 euros if you want to pay at once for the period January-March. If you prefer to pay per single time, the fee is 4 euros. This fee does NOT include league games.

If you are interested in paying for the 3 months (January-March), make the deposit to our club’s account by 30.1.2019. Details below:

  • Saaja / Beneficiary: Vierasjoukkue ry
  • Tilin numero / Account number: FI57 1146 3001 1123 55
  • Viesti / Message: Futsal trainings pirkkahalli
  • Eräpäivä / Due date: 30.1.2019.

Vierasjoukkue ry

Pikkujoulu + Sauna

Dear Vierasjoukkue members,

We would like to invite you all to our Pikkujoulu 2018 event, it will take place at Elite Sauna Kasari (Pinninkatu 45) on Saturday 1.12. We can take our own food and drinks. There will be a small fee of 10 euros per person to cover the booking of the venue.

The venue has a sauna, so remember to bring your towel. There are facilities at the venue like a small kitchen, showers, TV, speakers, poker table, etc.  The venue is booked from 20.00-02.00 hrs. Please register as soon as possible HERE.

Let’s have a great party altogether! Everyone is welcome!

Vierasjoukkue ry

Golden Boot and Best Player of Summer Season 2018

Dear Vierasjoukkue members,

We would like to thank all the players who took part of this past summer season at 7th division. As a brief summary of this great season, we have played 16 games in total, won 8, drew 5 and lost only 3. We also made 46 goals and received 22 goals. There was a lot of good energy among the players, sponsors and friends.

It was a good season despite the final results and we hope to see the same commitment during the next seasons. Now, in our club we had great performers who deserve to be recognised and so,  we are proud of announcing the winners of the Golden Boot and Best Player of the summer season:

Golden Boot: Kamal Maataoui (11 goals)

Best player of the team: Artur Nikitin.

Thank you all for voting and let’s celebrate at the Pikkujoulu event which will be announced soon.