Rules for trainings & games

We would like to inform you that we have officially started training for the summer season, however there are rules that apply for trainings and games. The basic rules are:

  • Only participants registered in the website can take part in trainings & games. Please, confirm attendance in time.
  • Participants must pay the registration fee or training fee. Remember that our club is booking fields for keeping trainings.
  • During trainings & games we follow the coach instructions and collaborate with each other as a team. Remember to keep team spirit.
  • During games, only coach and team’s captain can give tactical instructions to the team and talk to the referee.
  • Coaching team will decide on playing time for each player. Playing time will be based on commitment to trainings and experience.
  • In case of disagreements in the team during a game, we can discuss before or after the game, never on the field.

We hope the rules are clear for all members. If you have any question, please contact Angel Lopez.